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    Support a healthy start of a child's life

    We support children in remote areas with limited access to medical care. Help us by donating or volunteer for a mission!

    Donate now! http://medicalchecksforchildren.org/donate/
    Helping children in remote areas all over the world
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    Steun ons werk!

    Je kunt ons op allerlei manieren helpen: financiëel voor ondermeer logistiek & medicijnen. Maar ook als vrijwilliger!

    Doneer! http://medicalchecksforchildren.org/doneren/
    Vrijwilligers van MCC helpen kinderen over de hele wereld
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    Word vrijwilliger

    Medical Checks for Children werkt uitsluitend met vrijwilligers. Je kunt helpen in de organisatie of zelf mee op missie!

    Schrijf je in voor de informatie-avond http://medicalchecksforchildren.org/mee-op-missie/
    Help op je eigen manier

Medical Checks for Children

Helping children in remote areas to a healthy future

Medical Checks for Children offers medical support to children from 0 to 18 years old in orphanages and schools in remote areas, who are deprived of basic healthcare. The aim of MCC is to prevent disease, to protect and promote the overall health of the child and to aid in recuperation from disease.

The Medical Checks for Children Foundation (MCC) was established on 1 November 2005 by Inès von Rosenstiel-Jadoul and Karlien Bongers.

Annually MCC performs health checks on over 10.000 children in 8 countries. Because of our guideline to visit a region 5 years in a row, we can aid an entire generation of children to grow up healthy. We are able to do so because of the tremendous support of all our volunteers and both individual and corporate donations. Volunteers at MCC pay for most of their own expenses, which allows no less than 90% of all donations to directly benefit the children.

Your help is vital to our organization and the children we support. Will you aid us?


Why should you donate?

  • Give children in remote areas a new chance!
  • MCC revolves around volunteers, both medical and non-medical...
  • …so almost all of our donations directly benefit the children!
  • Support MCC with a donation of help with our missions!
  • Donate now!

How to use the new MCC website

Because MCC is primarily a Dutch organization, the majority of the website is written in Dutch. Though we do our best to facilitate non-Dutch speaking visitors some of our content cannot be translated into English; we simply lack the time and manpower to do so. An example of a mission diary will be uploaded shortly.

Want to volunteer?

Anually around 120 volunteers join Medical Checks for Children on a mission; both medical ánd non-medical volunteers. 

Though MCC is primarily a Dutch-speaking organizaion, we welcome everyone who is interested. When signing up, you start with an introductory meeting where you gain insights in the work of MCC, the effects of our work and earlier experiences.