We help children in remote or difficult areas

About MCC


The mission of MCC is to support and improve the overall health of children living in difficult situations and who have limited access to medical care. By visiting the same area for 5 consecutive years we support an entire generation of children in growing up healthy. Within this period we aim to involve the local organization(s) in our activities so they can continue them when we've left.


The basis of all our endeavours is the vision that every child, besides the right of life, love and freedom, has the right to quality basic healthcare by European standards (United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child, 1989). We do not differentiate between race, beliefs, descent, sexuality and physical or mental abilities.


Medical Checks for Children checks and treats children in remote areas or those living in difficult circumstances. We also aim to prevent disease by informing and occasionally training key figures such as parents and teachers. Annually MCC checks over 10.000 children in 8 countries.


MCC has 5 board members that oversee the entire organization, supported by various task forces. The most prominent one is Task Force Missions.